Today is Dying to Know Day, a day dedicated to creating conversations and improving knowledge about death, dying and bereavement. Discussions around dying can be sensitive and upsetting and are often pushed aside. However, they are important conversations to have with your loved ones to ensure everyone’s wishes are respected and fulfilled. 

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This year, the national campaign is encouraging people of all ages and stages of life to prioritise these conversations and #getdeadset on planning around end-of-life.

  • About 70% of deaths are expected
  • Over 70% of Australians want to die at home, but only 14% actually do as it takes proactive planning to help to die at home
  • 52% of Australians don’t have a valid will in place

Taking the steps to prepare your end-of-life won't only assure your mind is at ease when you die but will also ease the minds of your loved ones and take pressure off them during their time of mourning❤️

Things you and your loved ones may wish to consider:

  • Capture your choices in writing – These include writing a will, organ donation preferences, social media account guidance, appointing an enduring Power of Attorney and enduring guardian, if you wish to be buried or cremated.
  • Have conversations with your loved ones – Conversations make death less scary and ensure your loved ones understand your wishes and you understand theirs.
  • Prepare your send off - Nobody wants to think about planning their funeral, however it’s a beautiful time to reflect on and celebrate somebody’s life and leave a positive legacy. Provide your loved ones with some guidance and how you wish to be remembered so they can feel at peace knowing they’re arranged what you wanted.

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