Bao is one of our amazing home support workers who work directly with our clients and assist in their daily living activities in their homes. Our home support workers mostly work independently so Bao came up with a great idea and created a WhatsApp group for the team to regularly connect and communicate with each other. He named the group Accept Stars, and we think the name is a perfect fit! Bao has made many great connections and friendships through this group, and they catch up regularly for coffee. Read more about Bao and his role below.

Home support worker

How long have you worked with Accept Care for and what type of services do you do?

I have been working for Accept since last year and for me, one year is neither long nor short to be competent for the job. I am always striving for improving my skills and experiences through different type of services. I do most of the services that Accept offer to the clients, including personal care, domestic assistance, or transporting. Sometimes I do some social support, which is helping clients for their shopping or just casually having a chat with them. I do find all type of services are interesting and enjoyable in their own way.

What inspired you to enter the aged and disability care industry?

The inspiration that got me into this industry was my mum. She was a doctor and a philanthropist. She not only took care of her patients, but also spent her free time volunteering for charity and used most of her abilities to promote the welfare of others. Moreover, during my adulthood, I was taking care of my grandparents like I have been doing now, so I do really understand the importance of support worker’s roles in the aged and disability care industry.

What was your work experience before working as a home support worker?

Before working as a support worker, I had been in different placements during my study. The most memorable time was when I worked in a community supermarket which targets food insecurity in the local community. My main job was to take part in a community engagement team, which focuses on how to deliver nutritious food to people in need without the high cost so more people with low income can afford for their meals.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The good thing about this job is I can empower my clients through the services that I provide to them, assisting them in everyday care and helping them to reconnect themselves into the community.

What are your favourite things to do with your clients?

I like to listen for what they want to share with me. People believe that by gaining more experiences, you should read books. But for me, talking and having a chat with them helps me understand the other sides of life. I may gain more living experiences and also thoroughly know that life has many angles and aspects to look at.

What advice would you give to someone considering working in the aged and disability care industry?

Staying fit and healthy is the advice that I want to give as this job mostly requires physical work, so going to gym or joining an active club may really help you in the industry.

How do you think home support workers have benefited from the WhatsApp group you created and having the opportunity to build friendships? 

The Accept Stars group was created based on the thinking that support workers, like ourselves, are isolated in the field and less likely to have a chat or conversation with other colleagues, so fortunately, I had a chance to meet and communicate with other workers through dual assist shifts (some clients require two people at the job). The result was to create a small chatgroup so everyone that I familiar with can share experiences as well as using it as a place to discuss or just have normal casual conversation. I think social media is a great tool to connect with people, especially nowadays everyone can use their smartphone. Whatsapp or other social platforms have one mutual idea which is to help people connect with each other.

What are your hobbies and interest outside of work?

I have been working casually as a chef in a few restaurants on the weekend as I do really like cooking and working in hospitality. After work, nothing beats a good workout at the gym as I believe that a strong body makes the mind strong.

If you would like to follow a rewarding career and join our team of home support workers, please visit for more information and to apply. We would love to hear from you!