The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) publishes and regularly updates its pricing arrangements – this is known as the NDIS Price Guide.

What are NDIS pricing arrangements?

Pricing arrangements help NDIS participants to understand the way pricing works for supports and services under the NDIS and are in place to ensure that participants receive value for money when it comes to their supports. 

It pays to keep up to date with pricing arrangements, as they are updated regularly for a range of reasons including the changing costs associated with every billable hour, the constant changes resulting from Covid-19 and any other key changes that directly impact fees for supports and services. In addition to these ad hoc updates, funding limits are reviewed at least annually and are adjusted based on minimum wage increases and changes in the consumer price index (CPI). 

The NDIS regularly updates their pricing updates page with all key details and changes in the NDIS pricing arrangements and how they might affect participants, their families and carers. It might be a good idea to bookmark this page and check it regularly!

Why are NDIS pricing arrangements important? 

By understanding the pricing arrangements and what you may be charged, you can stay in control of your plan, and ensure your supports are working for you as well as ensure you stay within the budget allocated to prevent over-spending. 

The most current NDIS pricing arrangements can be viewed here. This very lengthy document goes into detail about:

  • what supports and services are available, 
  • the price limits for each service/support, and
  • general rules about claiming. 

What if I need help? 

At Accept Care, we have a dedicated team who specialises in NDIS ready to help you when you need it. Our experienced Coordinators understand all the latest changes to the NDIS pricing arrangements and can help you with specific queries about supports and services available to you and can explain how the pricing works under your specific plan, so you can get the most out of your plan funds. 

Get in touch with the Accept Differently Abled Team at Accept Care today.  

If you have any questions, please contact us or call on 08 8251 5186 to speak to one of our friendly care coordinators. 

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