Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government to help older Australians continue living safely and independently in their own home. 

Who is eligible for Home Care Packages? 

The basic eligibility criteria for a Home Care package is:  

  • An older person who requires coordinated services to remain in their own home, or
  • A younger person with a disability, dementia, or other special care needs that can’t be met through other available services.  

There are four different levels of packages ranging from basic care needs to high level care needs. The Government contributes a different amount at each level. 


How do I obtain a Home Care Package? 

If you believe you may be eligible for a Home Care Package, you should contact My Aged Care, who can arrange a home support assessment.  

The Aged Care Assessment Team will allocate a package and funding level by assessing your individual needs. You then choose a Home Care provider who will work with you to select a tailored package of services that best meet your needs. 

We have created a 6 step Quick-Guide which outlines the process to register and be assessed for a Home Care Package through My Aged Care. 

Alternatively, please call one of our friendly care consultants on 08 8251 5186 who can step you through the whole process. 


What can Home Care Package fund be used for? 

Everyone has different needs and lifestyle requirements, so the way Home Care funding is spent varies from person to person – it is really important that your Care Plan is tailored to you, to meet your individual needs. 

Some people may use some of their funds for equipment or for modifications to their home to enable them to stay at home (like adding ramps for access, shower rails etc), while others might use all of their package funds on personal care services, such as assistance with showering, dressing and mobility. Another person might use the bulk of their funding for home cleaning assistance, and help shopping for and preparing meals. 

For some people, their Home Care Package enables them to continue doing what they love, or staying connected to their local area and community. It is so important to identify the key needs of each person, and the Care Plan should detail exactly what services will be required to achieve this. 

Accept Care can provide their clients with the below services as part of their Home Care Package: 

  • Personal care and daily living tasks 
  • Domestic assistance and meals 
  • Transport arrangements and social support 
  • Community Nursing Care 
  • Transition Care 
  • Respite 
  • Palliative Care 

In addition, through their collaboration with a range of trusted service providers, they can create holistic solutions for their clients by assisting with equipment and aids for daily living, home modification, hair and beauty, massage, fitness and many other services.  


How Does Funding Work with the Home Care Package? 

Home Care Packages are subsidised by the Government – how much is subsidised depends on your individual financial circumstances. You may be asked to contribute, but these contributions are capped: 

  • for those facing social or financial disadvantage,  costs are capped at 17.5% of the standard single aged pension. 
  • part funded or self funded retirees will be asked to contribute more, but it will be capped at $29.92 per day, $10,892.89 per year – or $65,357.65 over their lifetime. 

Read more about Accept Care’s Home Care Packages and what they might cost. 

There are four levels of Home Care Package to meet different care and support needs. The level you are approved, will depend on the outcome of your Aged Care Assessment. You will receive a set amount of funding from the government at each Package level to be used to pay for care and support services. 

The table below outlines the four levels of care and the weekly (and yearly) benefits available at each level.  

Level 1  Level 2  Level 3  Level 4 
Basic level care needs  Low level  care needs  Intermediate care needs  High level care needs 
$158.62 per week (up to $8,250 per year)  $288.54 per week (up to $15,000 per year)  $634.34 per week (up to $33,000 per year)  $964.39 per week (up to $50,250 per year)

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss Home Care Packages at Accept Care, please contact us or call on 08 8251 5186 to speak to one of our friendly care coordinators. We can also help you to navigate through the My Aged Care registration and assessment process too. For more information on the Home Care Package download our Home Care Package Overview by clicking the button below.

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